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Services Capital Raisings - Stock Exchange Flotations / Initial Public Offerings

Should you float your company on the stock market you will find that by the end of the transaction the advisers you thought were on your side and acting on your behalf all had their own agenda’s; mainly designed either to make their job easier or to protect themselves. To them you are merely a transaction to be processed for a fee and serving your requirements is relatively low down on the list of their priorities. You will also find the process highly inefficient, involving duplication and triplication, as you are asked to provide the same information to a multitude of lawyers and accountant.
  • Kerburn Rose’s job is to:
  • Act as our Client’s representative advising on what is fair and reasonable in respect of the demand placed by your other advisers
  • Project manage the flotation process so that our clients can spend more time running their business
Our role includes:
  • Producing an Information Memorandum which describes the business in detail (This will become the basis for the production of the Prospectus)
  • Producing a presentation to be given to potential stockbrokers
  • Assisting in the selection of stockbrokers
  • Advising on valuation (The stockbroker will want to sell your shares as cheaply as possible. You will want to at last achieve fair value)
  • Negotiating the terms of reference and fees of your other advisers
  • Managing the project against an agreed project plan
It is fair to state that in every floatation in which Kerburn Rose has been involved we have saved our clients money in other fees and time which would have been spent unnecessarily away from their business over and above our own fee costs.

Examples of Transactions

Kerburn Rose advised Akers Biosciences Inc, then a pre-revenue diagnostic company, on its flotation - the second flotation ever of a US based company on the AIM market.

Kerburn Rose advised Beechcroft plc, a specialist house builder, on its flotation on AIM. The original equity provider decided they wanted to exit their investment and did not believe that the Company could successfully float. Three years after a successful flotation Beechcroft was subject to a recommended offer from Laing Homes plc which saw the shareholders receiving three times the original float price.

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